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leaders in sustainability and agriculture

We understand that navigating the legal landscape of sustainable business ventures can be complex. Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through every step, ensuring your enterprise not only complies with the law but thrives in the growing field of renewable energy. 



  • Explore the benefits and legal considerations associated with wind energy projects.
  • Learn about permits, land use agreements, and environmental regulations. 


  • Discover the legal aspects of establishing and maintaining solar farms.
  • Insights into permits, grid connections, and government incentives. 


  • Uncover the legal framework for carbon farming initiatives, including carbon credit creation. 
  • Ensure compliance with the evolving landscape of emissions reduction schemes and carbon offset markets. 


Allwright Bourke is renowned for its “client-first” approach. Our goal is to solve your legal issue as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We’re with you. Every step of the way.

Expert legal service

Our seasoned legal team recognises the multifaceted challenges posed by renewable energy initiatives and sustainable land practices. We simplify the legal journey by distilling the complexities of commercial law into actionable steps, ensuring that your venture complies with regulations, mitigates risks, and positions itself for success. Whether you are delving into wind, solar, or carbon farming, our comprehensive approach within the realm of commercial law guarantees a seamless and informed journey.




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“Liz and Kerrie at Hughes & Co. Forbes have been absolutely amazing throughout the property purchase process for my two sons. The communication and their knowledge was absolutely A+! I can’t thank them enough for the professionalism and smooth experience.”


“Thank you Sarah and Emma for your understanding, professionalism and caring attitude at a time that was very hard on us as a family. We would recommend Hughes & Co.”


"I used Hughes & Co. For a family law matter. They were only too happy to help with every little part of it. Any problem I had, Steph and the team would sort it out. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


"I have had an issue with an NSW Organisation for a couple of years that I could not resolve on my own. I was visiting Hughes & Co. On a separate matter and after I mentioned my troubles, they advised me that I had quite an easy case. They acted on my behalf and from the beginning the service I received from all staff was exceptional. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of mediation or advice.”

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