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"Gentle separation" that avoids Court

What is the Collaborative Process?

Collaborative law is a dispute resolution process which allows both parties involved and their lawyers to enter into a contract (the “Participation Agreement”) to finalise parenting, property or divorce arrangements without attending court. Both parties commit to sorting it out, outside of Court.

This process involves a less aggressive approach to separation, where both parties are guided by Solicitors, separation coaches and mediators to find an arrangement that is fair and respectful to both parties.

Collaborative Law is not always appropriate and both sides must engage Solicitors who are suitably qualified in Collaborative Law – not all family Law Solicitors are qualified or willing to practice in this area – so if you wish to avoid Court and use Collaborative Law make sure you talk to us early in the separation.

We can refer you ex partner to another suitably qualified Lawyer. 

Talk to us about whether a Collaborative approach is right for you. 


Allwright Bourke is renowned for its “client-first” approach. Our goal is to solve your legal issue as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We’re with you. Every step of the way.

Expert legal service

Our solicitors have underwent additional training to provide Collaborative practice to our community. 

We see Collaborative practice as the future of Family Law. Going to Court is stressful, delayed and often destroys co-parenting relationships. We are committed to helping our clients separate respectfully and with dignity.

What Are the Benefits of Collaborative Law?
  1. Deduced legal fees by avoiding Court
  2. Both parties are permitted to have their lawyer present at every stage of the process.
  3. Timely outcomes – Court can take over a year to resolve your dispute but this process can be finalized in weeks or a few months.
  4. Privacy & dignity – Unlike Court where your private matters become public record.
  5. More child focused as avoids Children being subjected to lengthy Court proceedings and conflict.
  6. Allows parties to maintain better relationships after separation without the conflict of Court. 


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“Liz and Kerrie at Hughes & Co. Forbes have been absolutely amazing throughout the property purchase process for my two sons. The communication and their knowledge was absolutely A+! I can’t thank them enough for the professionalism and smooth experience.”


“Thank you Sarah and Emma for your understanding, professionalism and caring attitude at a time that was very hard on us as a family. We would recommend Hughes & Co.”


"I used Hughes & Co. For a family law matter. They were only too happy to help with every little part of it. Any problem I had, Steph and the team would sort it out. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


"I have had an issue with an NSW Organisation for a couple of years that I could not resolve on my own. I was visiting Hughes & Co. On a separate matter and after I mentioned my troubles, they advised me that I had quite an easy case. They acted on my behalf and from the beginning the service I received from all staff was exceptional. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of mediation or advice.”

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